Roller Derby

What is this Derby thing, anyway? How does it work?

Roller Derby is a cool and competitive contact sport, played on quad skates (old fashioned style skates)! Each game, or “bout”, is played between two opposing teams on an oval track. Each team has five players on the track; four are “blockers” and one is a “jammer”. (We’ll get to that in a second, don’t worry!) All in all there are ten players on the track. During the game, each jammer has to pass the blockers of the opposing team. For each pass like that she gets a point. What do the blockers do? Well, just like their name suggests: they block her. Each round is called a “Jam” and is two minutes long. Between jams there is a thirty second break and each bout is made up of two thirty-minute halves. See? Easy as pie!

I don’t get it, then… Where’s the ball?

There is no ball, just ten awesome girls on a track, kicking each other’s asses!

Wait a minute, what do you mean, “kicking ass”? Can I get hurt?

In roller derby, the players block each other using their bodies, hence the name “contact sport”. Like every contact sport, roller derby has rules. You can’t elbow people, you can’t hit them from behind and each player wears knee, elbow and wrist pads, mouth guard and a helmet. Even with all that, there’s a risk for injury, but all girls are trained to avoid it as much as possible